Can You Make A Full Time Income With A Personal Blog?


For a long time now – well, since the internet first started, it has been pretty obvious that you can make a full time income using the leverage that the internet provides, but can you do that with a personal blog? If we take a look at a lot of the big names of internet marketers who are wildly successful and have made millions upon millions of dollars online, they have one thing in common and that is that they produce content or provide value to the internet in some sort. In return, they get back monetary gain which is in direct correlation to the amount of value that they put out. There are many different avenues through which they produce their content such as email and nowadays social media, but a personal blog is also near the top of the list.

A personal blog can do a number of things such as give people a hub to find you, brand yourself and offer a safe, organized place where you can publish all of your content. Most importantly, your blog is a place for visitors to come from the search engine to get value on a specific topic that they were looking up. If you just so happen to be the authority figure of whatever niche you are targeting, chances are they will trust you and they will spend money with you based off of the value that you’ve given them for free. There are many, different ways on how you can monetize and make money with your personal blog, but let’s get into a couple right now.

Sign Up For Google Adwords

One, great thing about Google is that when your personal blog gets a consistent and high volume amount of traffic, they will approve you to partner with them in their Google Adwords program. This is where your personal blog is eligible for ads related to your specific niche for your audience to click on. While they don’t have to buy anything in order for you to get paid, if they do, that will only be more money in your pocket ;-). Keep in mind that you can’t expect to be approved for Google Adwords overnight, as Google has to do their homework to make sure your personal blog has been up for at least a couple of years and you are producing a steady stream of fresh, valuable content that your audience actually engages on. The only way to make sure you hit it out of the park in this area is to stay consistent, and always make sure you are publishing the highest quality content that you possibly can. Don’t worry, Google will definitely notice your efforts.

Affiliate Market or Sell Your Own Products

Affiliate marketing or selling your own products on your personal blog is a bit more advanced than Google Adwords, because you have to get the visitors to buy something rather than just clicking and taking an action that isn’t monetary related. Starting out, we recommend you do affiliate marketing, because a lot goes into creating your own product, getting your own website running and stuff like that which is a bit, too techy for newbies. On the other hand, if you consider yourself to be an seasoned marketer, go for making your own product – in the end, you will make more money because you will take home 100% commissions rather than splitting with a vendor of an affiliate marketing product.

Conclusion: Can You Make A Full Time Income With A Personal Blog?

Affiliate marketing, selling your own products or signing up for Google Adwords are three proven ways on how you can make a full time income with your personal blog. At the end of the day, it all boils down to how you utilize the traffic that comes to your blog. As long as you can turn the traffic you get into money in the bank by getting them to buy something or take a specific action, you’re good to go.

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