How To Make Money On Pinterest Passively



If you want to know how to make money on Pinterest passively, it really helps to be the fly on the wall. Pinterest isn’t the same as most social media outlets, but it is in the aspect of driving traffic and people networking on certain topics, content and discussions and generating sales in the process.

Pinterest is almost used as somewhat of a middleman. You scroll through the feed, you see a yummy picture of a desert or some main course meal that you’d like to make for your family, you click the picture and you are taken to a website outside of Pinterest. This is how the entire site works and and it is important to know how anything works if you would like to make money with it. Consider this a guide – your blueprint, if you will, on how to make money on Pinterest passively without having to slave over the site for 8-9 hours per day and without having to break a sweat.

Build A Loyal Following

Your loyal following that you build is where the traffic will come from. These are your website visitors with cash in hand to buy any product that you put in front of them. You need an audience of people who know, like and TRUST you. Trust is the biggest part of this, because where there is no trust, there is no business. Your audience is putting their trust in you to provide them with quality content that they seek, and of course, you are trusting your audience to always engage and interact on everything you post and buy anything that they just so happen to find interesting.

Make Your Own Blog

When you make your own blog, the entire process of how to make money on Pinterest starts to come together. Your blog is your hub – your web space where you can send people to specifically focus on YOU and whatever content that you have to provide to them. You don’t have to be the type that blogs everyday, but it does help. If you happen to be someone who just doesn’t like to blog, then you can always outsource it and hire someone to do it for you.

Sell Your Own Product

Now, THIS is where the money starts to roll in and it is the point where everything comes together. It should be obvious, but before you land on a product that you would like to sell, you must first identify the niche in which you want to go. Health and fitness, weight loss, electronics – whatever niche you want to go in (preferably a hobby/passion of yours) you will need products to sell that are relevant to it. There are two ways of doing this. You can become an affiliate for someone else’s product, or you can sell your own product. Starting out, we recommend you do affiliate marketing because the process is easy to get up and running. Ultimately, you want to sell your own product because it will allow you to brand yourself, and you will make much more money because you will receive 100% of the commissions.

Conclusion: How To Make Money On Pinterest Passively

You now know how to make money on Pinterest and not just an active income, but also a passive income. When you’re just getting underway the process can be a bit challenging. You may even be tempted to give up if the going gets too tough, but if it were easy, everyone would be doing it. So, dig deep down, muster up some courage to make a passive income with Pinterest, go for it and stop at nothing. You CAN do it!

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