New MacBooks with ARM chips could debut in just weeks

New MacBooks powered by Apple’s ARM-based chips look set to debut sometime next month. 

At least, that’s according to reliable leaker Jon Prosser who says another Apple event will take place on November 17 where the company plans to launch new Macs with Apple silicon. 

To confirm, there IS a November ARM Mac event.I’m hearing November 17th. 🗓October 16, 2020

Prosser says the event will likely be announced a week in advance, or on November 10. 

We’ve been eagerly awaiting the launch of Apple’s first MacBooks with ARM-based processors. The company first revealed its plans to switch from Intel to ARM at WWDC in June, promising to launch the first Mac with Apple silicon before the end of this year. 

Delays caused by the coronavirus put that timeline in doubt, but it now appears Apple is on track to reveal a new MacBook this year. As for what MacBook to expect, some assume a new 12-inch model is coming while other prominent leakers say the MacBook Pro will be the first outfitted with Apple silicon. Leaks claim Apple has several variants of its custom chip, including one with eight cores and another with 12 cores. 

If Apple launches a new MacBook in November, it would be at the third major Apple event of the season. The company debuted the new iPad, iPad Air and Apple Watch in mid-September before all four variants of the iPhone 12 were showcased a few weeks later.

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